#12326 Make App usable also for devices <7"

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From @jajaballard 22.04.2015, 14:14
Not every body need the possibilities of a bigger display. For my porpose a smaller display would also fulfill my needs for my single driver training laps
Best Regards
#1 From @smartrace 22.04.2015, 15:37 Owner
Hi Ralf,

Thanks for the report. SmartRace is designed as a tablet app. Especially because I'm charging for it it is not an option for me to add screen sizes which I can not really test (because I don't have android handsets) and which just don't support the needed screen size to display all the data I want it to display. There is just not enough space on handsets. I understand that you would like to have SmartRace on your handset just for testing reasons, but as soon as I agree on supporting smaller display sizes, people expect the app to work properly. And that's what won't work out :-)

Thanks for your cooperation.


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