#12328 Ghost car times and laps

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From @paok@att.net 02.05.2015, 13:27
The ghost car will only sometimes register the first pass over the sensor, as expected without time, but will not count the following laps or show times; the control unit beeps every time the car goes over the sensor.
When I pass the car over the sensor by hand, slowly, it will sometimes register, and sometimes it will register for the wrong car. Some times the app doesn't show the lap even though the control unit beeps. I didn't see a pattern of when it works and when it doesn't.
The car operated with a controller always registers a lap and time as expected. I ran three cars with controllers and they register on first pass and show lap times as expected.
#1 From @smartrace 02.05.2015, 17:01 Owner
Hi Ralli,

Thanks for the feature request. Unfortunatly, Carrera decided to have all ghost cars running with car ID 7, which makes it impossible to distinguish them. This means that everytime a ghost car crosses the finish line it will be for car ID 7 which results in many laps and low lap times as you can imagine :-D

I'm sorry I've got to close this one.

#2 From @paokatt-net 03.05.2015, 15:36
What if you race against one? Shouldn't one work ok?
#3 From @paokatt-net 03.05.2015, 19:09
Marc, I checked again with just one autonomous car. Smartrace doesn't display it as car #7, instead it displays the number of the controller used to enable the autonomous feature. When the race starts the car will register as crossing the start line once and then it won't keep track of laps most of the time. Randomly it may count a lap or two.
Is there something I should differently to race against one ghost car?
#4 From @smartrace 04.05.2015, 12:26 Owner
You're right, I will add this for 1.1.0. You will be able to configure whether or not the ghost car should be tracked.
#5 From @paokatt-net 04.05.2015, 22:07
Fantastic! That's the release you just announced in your newsletter.

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