#12330 SmartRace can not connect to the CU

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From @nofe4r 21.05.2015, 04:37
Even if bluetooth on my iPad Air 2 is activated and the CU with AppConnect is on, SmartRace can not connect.

It works with the Carrera App, so I think the hardware is ok?

I also re-initialised the app, restarted the iPad etc. but it wont work.
There is always the text on blue ground at the top.

What to do?
#1 From @smartrace 21.05.2015, 06:31 Owner
Hello Kay,

Thanks for your report. Some questions about this:

(1) Was it ever working or did it never work since you bought SmartRace?

(2) Which CU firmware version are you using? You should be able to pick the number from the original Carrera App when it's connected.

(3) Is the blue LED flashing on the AppConnect dongle when you try to connect with SmartRace?

(4) Is your Control Unit modded by any means?

(5) When you connect to the CU using the original app, what name is displayed for the control unit on the screen where you have to chose a device to connect to? It should be "Control_Unit".

#2 From @nofe4r 21.05.2015, 19:48
Hello Marc,

thanks for the quick response!

After trying around for nearly an hour, rebooting the iPad, restarting the CU, reconnecting the AppConnect dongle etc. it suddenly worked like a charm! I did not realise what was the solution in the end, so I tried to reproduce it, but I couldn't.

Just in case it helps you here are the answers anyways:
(1) until now it did never work
(2) CU 3.31 / HW 5
(3) the blue LED is flashing until I connect the iPad via bluetooth, then it stops flashing
(4) it is out of the box, bought it new in December 2014
(5) Yes, it is called "Control_Unit"

I did a few races and I think it is a very good app! I'm looking forward to any improvements!

Thank you
#3 From @smartrace 22.05.2015, 07:39 Owner
Hi Kay,

Thanks for the Update. Glad to hear it is working now. I dont know what could have caused this, but please let me know if you experience it again.

Nice to hear that you like SmartRace. Would be great if you could leave a rating on the appstore about it :)


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