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From @rf103 23.06.2015, 11:23
When I go to log out I found there is no close/log out button. So I am forced to go to my home page or turn off my Bluetooth. I cannot log on again unless I reboot my tablet. Maybe I am missing something?
#1 From @smartrace 23.06.2015, 17:45 Owner
Thanks for reporting this. I think the issue is here that SmartRace will keep the bluetooth connection established even when minimized (which I would consider a bug). I think rather than having a "log out" feature, SmartRace should close the connection automatically when being moved to the background. As a workaround you should be able to close the connection manually when you use the task manager of your tablet OS to completely shut down the app.
#2 From @jgradyo 24.06.2015, 17:23
I don't think the issue is SR's handling of Bluetooth while minimized - it is that the app does not have an exit option. Many apps don't; ROMs provide "kill" functionality (for example, a long press on the "back" button) for exactly this reason.

From my perspective, as long as the app is active (minimized or not) I want it to maintain its connection to the AppConnect, and I would want to control whether the app is active (I.e., a true EXIT option or the kill I mentioned before). The behavior while minimized should not change.
#3 From @smartrace 06.07.2015, 20:44 Owner
Thanks for pointing this out. I already started to play around a bit with an exit option (which is something android specific as apple doesn't allow for providing an exit button in order to close the app). I will try to add something to the next version.
#4 From @smartrace 12.07.2015, 23:14 Owner
This has now changed to be consistent with the iOS behavior. While the app will continue running in the background, the bluetooth connection will be terminated (re-established on retrieving the app from the background).
#5 From @jgradyo 13.07.2015, 15:25
This is disappointing. I cannot see how this improves the app behavior, or the race experience. There is still no proper logoff/exit and neither the original report nor my comment influenced your decision. What purpose does it serve to keep the running app in the BG, if you force it to disconnect? Please help me understand your logic.
#6 From @smartrace 13.07.2015, 16:08 Owner

Unfortunately it is just not possible to really shut down the app. The vendor doesn't allow it, neither on Android nor on iOS. And as there is no proper shut down, the logical consequence is to drop the bluetooth connection if you send the app to the background as you just don't want it to be kept alive. This is now the consistent behavior for both iOS and Android and I therefore preferred this solution.

Is there any use case in your opinion to keep the app in the background?

#7 From @jgradyo 14.07.2015, 21:35
Possible use cases: Debugging the app, looking something up or taking a picture between races, ???.

It isn't really that I would **keep** the app in the BG for any length of time, but I can imagine putting it into the backgrounf for a moment, then putting it back into the foreground. Disconnecting the bluetooth would not help in my scenario. Maybe that's because the app tends to NOT reconnect when it drops (after taking a break between races, OR when the app just disappears). SmartRace just stays in "scanning" mode and does not reconnect to a blinking AppConnect, and I end up having to reboot before I can use it again. As I mentioned before, I would prefer it if the app owned the bluetooth connection until I *exit* the app, even if I have to use Android's ability to "kill" an app with a long-press of the back button, because the app has no "exit".

You've said that someone (the vendor?) prevents you from shutting down the app. I have Android apps that exit and do not go into the BG, but I have no idea how difficult it would be for you to do the same. That said, I understand your logic even though I disagree. I can see where consistency between the two platforms is probably a good thing from your perspective as the developer, but it doesn't really matter to me because I have no iOS. The IOS people probably don't care how the Android app bevahes, either... :) I just see no reason (in other words, no use case) for this app to be in the background and disconnected from the CU.

Would you consider a toggle between the two behaviors in the "settings"? If not and you've settled the issue, we could probably agree that this is not the most important thing to be working on.

I look forward to helping you talk/work through fixes & additions in the future. I will happily help you debug & test (Nexus 6 & Nexus 10).
#8 From @smartrace 14.07.2015, 21:42 Owner
Thanks for taking the time to making it a bit more clear to me. Sorry, "vendor" was just a matter of poor knowledge about the english language - I was actually talking about the manufacturer of the operating system (Google) :-D

Anyway, I now better understand your issue. I will re-open this issue for now and give some more thoughts to it.
#9 From @smartrace 05.10.2015, 16:54 Owner
I invested some more time and did some thorough testing on this. The result is that the bluetooth connection will now be kept alive if the OS supports it, which is not the case for iOS. Still, there is *no reliable possibility* to kill the bluetooth connection using a log off button or the like. It will work in 8/10 cases which is not enough to call it stable.

That means that you will need to kill the application manually in order to disconnect on Android.

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