#12334 Nexus 7 (2012) not supported?

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From @tkem 26.06.2015, 21:13
Play store tells me this version isn't compatible with my device: Nexus 7 (2012), Android 5.1.1.
Device has been rooted and Bluetooth LE activated (does not work with stock firmware). Careers app runs fine.
#1 From @tkem 27.06.2015, 06:38
"Careers" -> "Carrera"
#2 From @smartrace 27.06.2015, 22:04 Owner
Hm, sorry, I can't say anything about that. From my Play Store statistics I can see that 4 buyers of SmartRace are using a "Nexus 7 (flo)". I don't know what "flo" means here, but I think this should proof that it runs on the Nexus 7 in general. Does that information help you? I'm unfortunately not able to test it on my own because I don't own a Nexus myself... :-(
#3 From @tkem 28.06.2015, 05:54
"flo" is the codename for the 2013 version of the Nexus 7, which has BLE enabled in its stick firmware.
The codename for the 2012 version is "grouper", and this doesn't have BLE enabled by default, although the hardware is ready for it. Reasons are probably that Google/ASUS didn't certify it at the time, and don't see any benefit in recertification for a firmware update.
That being said, it's actually quite easy to enable BLE support for a grouper device once you root it (there's even an app for that ;-)
My guess is that you set you set some requirements for installing the app that don't match the stock version of grouper. Can't be the Android version, since I'm running 5.1.1, so it's probably something related to the BLE API. Obviously, Carrera didn't, since the official app installs without problems.
#4 From @tkem 28.06.2015, 07:08
BTW, you can easily check if a particular device is supported by your app in the Google Play Developer Console: APK -> Supported Devices -> See List. There you can also see the code name for each device.
#5 From @smartrace 28.06.2015, 14:47 Owner
Ah, thanks. I think I did see that some time ago, but forgot about it :-D

According to GPlay, SmartRace supports "GoogleNexus 7 (2013) – deb" and "GoogleNexus 7– flo".
#6 From @smartrace 04.07.2015, 08:28 Owner
I could see that you also asked Schlaubi about Slotcar Buddy, because it's also not working with your tab. I currently don't have an idea what it could be that hinders you from using it with your tab, but I will try to find out more.
#7 From @tkem 04.07.2015, 09:10
Well, thanks! I'm quite aware this is a minority issue, so I can fully understand if you don't want to spend too much time on that. I was just curious what would prevent some apps from installing, while the official Carrera app installs just fine.
#8 From @tkem 04.07.2015, 21:31
Hey, just checked again with Play Store, and this time I was able to download Smartrace on my Nexus! Don't know if you changed anything; if so, thank you very much! Haven't had a chance to test it yet, but will keep you informed about any issues. Thanks again for your efforts.
#9 From @smartrace 04.07.2015, 22:01 Owner
This is pretty interesting. Did you try with 1.2.0 before? I released 1.3.0 just a few days ago, maybe there was a relevant change (which I'm not aware of tbh). But I'm happy if its working now - I would be glad if all issues solved as easy as this one :-D
#10 From @tkem 04.07.2015, 22:19
Sorry, didnt look at the version number back then. Out of curiosity: Does Nexus 7 "grouper" now show up in Developer console under supported devices?
#11 From @smartrace 06.07.2015, 20:13 Owner
I checked it for 1.3.0 and it still says only flo and deb are supported. Isn't that strange...
#12 From @smartrace 06.07.2015, 20:42 Owner
I will close this issue for now as it seems to be solved.

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