#12343 Allow for setting a minimum lap time

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From @smartrace 06.07.2015, 20:34
This can be useful if a car crashes, is being put back to the track and then finishes the lap with too low laptime. There should be an option to set up a minimum lap time which then makes sure that all laps which have lower times will be ignored.
#1 From @smartrace 12.12.2015, 21:00 Owner
Won't implement. Will just pollute the configuration and is not of any real use.
#2 From @smartrace 05.01.2016, 20:41 Owner
Re-opening. Has been requested once more and should be implemented.
#3 From @picotera 07.01.2016, 21:22
Hallo Marc
Danke für die Rückmeldung für #85 und Verweis auf diese Nummer.
Ich hatte diese Nummer gesehen, konnte mir nur nicht vorstellen, dass man nach einem Crash noch schnelle Zeiten hinlegen kann. Ist vielleicht ein Aspekt der Bahngröße und dem Ort des Wiedereinsetzens :-)
#4 From @theasm 05.04.2016, 19:22
I don't see any need for this function. Why not just put the car back on the track right behind the start/finish line (sensor)? That's how we handle it.
If the best time for your track is 10 seconds (for example) and you set the "minimum track time" to 8 seconds, what would happen if you manage to put the car back within 9 seconds? Ding ding ding, a new lap record!
#5 From @smartrace 06.04.2016, 22:18 Owner
Well, you're technically right, but still: Having this function reduces the amount of unwillingly added laps. And if you still manage to add a senseless lap (e.g. doing like you described), you can now delete it from the list manually :)

To cut a long story short: Is now implemented and will be part of 2.0. :)

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