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From @bostjanv 07.07.2015, 10:53
I have new Tablet 10.1" Allwinner A31S Quad Core 1,5GhHz, Android 4.4.2, bluetooth v4...32GB memory... In Google play is warning Device not supported and I can't install your aplication. Why, what are the HW requirements, ... Please help.
#1 From @smartrace 07.07.2015, 10:57 Owner
Hi Bostjan,

If this is about [this][1] tablet, it doesn't support Bluetooth Low Energy (which is Bluetooth 4.0), but only Bluetooth 2.1. So I'm afraid this is the limitation which hinders you from using any app which requires it (like SmartRace or the original carrera app).


[1]: http://www.amazon.com/AFUNTA-AllWinner-Android-Cameras-AFX02/dp/B00EB8K0VG
#2 From @bostjanv 07.07.2015, 11:02
No it is not the same version of Tablet, my is Quad Core 1,5GHz,...Ok I will check which type of Bluetooth is on my Tablet. Thank You for quick response.
#3 From @smartrace 07.07.2015, 11:03 Owner
You're welcome. Please feel free to re-open this issue if necessary.
#4 From @bostjanv 07.07.2015, 11:10
This is my Tablet, see link:

See on specification, there is Bluetooth ver 4.??? What do you think...
#5 From @bostjanv 07.07.2015, 11:14
Yes also in Google play -there is no warning (Device not supported) if I try to instal original Carera raceApp, no problem?? But I prefer SmartRace. Very Strage...
#6 From @smartrace 07.07.2015, 11:24 Owner
Your device is not explicitly listed in the list of compatible devices in my developer console. But if it really supports Bluetooth 4.0, it should be compatible. Could you please try to follow this explanation of how to delete the play store cache data: https://help.instagram.com/231705083624002. Lets give it a try.
#7 From @bostjanv 08.07.2015, 06:04
I try your solution, but it is not working. How I can get instalation of your application , to try manual instalation... Then we will see... if my tablet is compatible with SmartRace.
#8 From @smartrace 10.07.2015, 11:10 Owner
Hi Bostjan,

Sorry, I don't think there is a solution for this at the moment. I checked again all parameters I set for android, but there is none I can spare. So I guess its more likely to be an issue with the Play Store or how google classifies your tablet. I'm sorry I can't help you with this.


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