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From @tkem 10.07.2015, 11:01
I see this quite often - especially frustrating in qualifying, since it will reset my previous lap time.
I noticed that the CU sometimes sends the same lap result (same car, same timestamp) twice; probably the cause for this. These duplicates should be quite easy to filter out, however.
#1 From @smartrace 10.07.2015, 11:08 Owner
Hi Thomas,

Thanks for reporting this. I was only able to see this behavior when not all parts of the track where connected perfectly to eachother. So if the track is kind of loose at some segments, the zero laptimes will occur. Can you check if this could be the case if this happens on your track? I will of course make sure that these times will not count by changing the code. This is also related to #27.

#2 From @tkem 10.07.2015, 11:21
Thanks for the hint, will check.
#3 From @tkem 10.07.2015, 11:58
You're probably right, made sure everything is as tightly connected as possible and cannot reproduce this any longer. Will keep you informed if that changes ;-)
As for #27, I think that's a great idea in its own right, but I see that separate from the issue of duplicate responses. I think duplicates should always be ignored. If these are indeed a sign of physical connection problems, maybe show a small pop-up saying something like "check your track connections"?
Just suggestions, "from one developer to another" ?
#4 From @smartrace 10.07.2015, 12:01 Owner
Yes, you're right. Having a notice to warn about lose connections is a nice idea, I will definitely consider that!
#5 From @tkem 11.07.2015, 07:44
Hi, took a few laps with Smartrace this morning after leaving the track untouched over night. The 0:00.000 lap times show up again, even more often than yesterday. So I cannot confirm this really is an issue with loose connections.
#6 From @smartrace 11.07.2015, 13:41 Owner
Thats strange and I can't reproduce it without loose connections. Can you somehow isolate the issue to certain circumstances? Only with certain cars or something like this?

Apart from this, is you CU modded by any chance? And do you have the chance to test on a different device running SmartRace?
#7 From @tkem 11.07.2015, 15:13
Sorry, forgot to say that this was on a Moto G 2nd Generation, which support Bluetooth LE out-of-the-box. (BTW thanks for making Smartrace now run on phones as well, I find it quite usable, actually). I used the same two cars, and other than updating the CU using the official Carrera app some weeks ago, I didn't change anything.
#8 From @tkem 11.07.2015, 15:14
Will keep you informed if I can somehow isolate this problem, of course.
#9 From @smartrace 12.07.2015, 17:39 Owner
Which CU version are you using?
#10 From @tkem 12.07.2015, 18:46
#11 From @tkem 13.07.2015, 17:32
So I upgraded to v1.3.1 today, and this problem hasn't shown in up in >100 qualification laps, whereas 3 days ago it showed up at least every 10 laps or so. Track hasn't been touched in the mean time. Did you actually change anything in v1.3.1 that might affect this, or is this really something that occurs just randomly?
#12 From @smartrace 13.07.2015, 18:41 Owner
I improved the check for zero laptimes just a bit, making sure its neither 0 nor undefined. I don't know whats going wrong here tbh. But maybe this little fix sorted out your issue...
#13 From @tkem 13.07.2015, 20:37
Well, thanks, after ca. 300 more laps or so without problems, I think you can close this. Will keep you informed if this shows up again, but your workaround sounds reasonable enough.
#14 From @smartrace 13.07.2015, 20:44 Owner
Thanks a lot, closed.

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