#12353 Car input field hidden by on-screen keyboard

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From @tkem 10.07.2015, 11:16
When adding/editing the >=5th car on my 7 inch tablet, the input field is hidden "behind" the on-screen keyboard, so I have to type "blindly". I cannot scroll the input into view somehow, and rotating tablet to portrait mide doesn't helo, of course. Would be nice if the input field that's being edited would always be visible.
#1 From @smartrace 10.07.2015, 11:19 Owner
Thanks, I'll look into it!
#2 From @smartrace 12.07.2015, 23:15 Owner
I was not able to reproduce this with either real devices or simulators. I was always able to scroll down in the dialog by *not* touching the input field or select list but any other free space. Can you please retry this after 1.3.1 has been released? Thx.
#3 From @tkem 13.07.2015, 17:22
Maybe some screenshots taken with v1.3.1 (nice job, by the way) will explain this problem a little better:

- [Hit "add ("+") and scroll down as far as possible][1]
- [Now touch empty input field to edit][2]

Problem is I can't see what I type, and I can't scroll the input field "further up" than this. Simple solution would be to add new items at the top of the list, but problem would still exist when editing older items.

[1]: https://goo.gl/photos/6hnp5jVHGPWKRi5p7
[2]: https://goo.gl/photos/gj5saMD7SewypDGB8
#4 From @smartrace 13.07.2015, 20:20 Owner
Thanks for making this more clear. I was now able to reproduce it natively (without environment nutshell) on Android only. I will implement a fix for 1.3.2. Thanks a lot for your effort!
#5 From @tkem 13.07.2015, 20:34
You're welcome, no big deal.
#6 From @tkem 16.07.2015, 22:51
Seems to work in v1.3.2. Thanks a lot!

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