#12354 Car image & animation

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From @bostjanv 17.07.2015, 10:55
I would suggest one improvement (animation), solution like Ultimate Racer . I would suggest to add pictures of cars during the race cars are moving Forwards -each lap-one step forward to the finish line..
#1 From @smartrace 19.07.2015, 10:25 Owner
Thanks for the suggestion, Bostjan. I appreciate you took the time to report it here, but I'm sorry to say that I don't like such a feature so much. There are many more things to make racing more interesting, e.g. collecting and presenting more data (race history) and the like. Therefore I'll close this one, hope you understand my point of view. Thanks!
#2 From @bostjanv 19.07.2015, 11:11
Ok I understand yourpoint of view.

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