#12359 SmartRace connects to Appconnect for 4 seconds only

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From @dartanian60 11.09.2015, 15:14
When I open Smartrace (On Samsung Note 2 with android 4.3) the app says it's connected to App connect and I can see that the appconnect blue LED is solid and not flashing. After 4 seconds however the connection is lost and the message trying to connect is on the smartrace appears.
#1 From @smartrace 15.09.2015, 09:47 Owner
Hi Darius,

Thanks for reporting this. Did you make sure your Control Unit is not in standby mode? If it's not, can you give some more details on what happens exactly? Thanks a lot!

#2 From @dartanian60 15.09.2015, 12:42
I turn control unit on. I then open app on my phone where it immediately shows the green banner "connected". After a few seconds the banner changes to blue "scanning for blutooth" and does not find the connection. If I re-initialize, the same thing happens . Finds the connection initially for a few seconds and then disconnects. The blue light on the app connect remains solid even when the app is scanning for connection.
Thanks for your help Marc
#3 From @smartrace 15.09.2015, 12:45 Owner
Ok, thanks. We should then try to make sure it's not a hardware issue. Could you please check if the original Carrera App behaves correctly and doesn't have any connection issues?
#4 From @dartanian60 15.09.2015, 15:07
I tried your app in my wife's phone (Nexus 5 with Android 5) and everything works perfectly on her phone. (Unfortunately, she won't let me use it constantly :))
#5 From @smartrace 16.09.2015, 01:14 Owner
Thanks, I'll close this issue then. I hope your wife will be kind enough to allow you using her phone from time to time :-D
#6 From @dartanian60 16.09.2015, 15:39
That will not be possible Marc. I need to make your app work on my phone. Could you please try to resolve this issue. I also have 2 other devices that your app is incompatible with. A 1st gen IPad with iOS 5 and a windows 10 tablet with AmiDuos Android 5 emulation . If I could run your app in any of those devices, that would be acceptable as well. Thanks for your efforts but I really like your app and I want to run it on 1 of my own devices.
#7 From @smartrace 16.09.2015, 15:42 Owner
Darius, as already asked in my previous comment: Could you please check if the original app from Carrera works ok with your own phone? I still think the issue is hardware-related and has nothing to do with SmartRace. Also, please note that your device needs to support Bluetooth 4.0 (which is why iPad 1 will not work).
#8 From @dartanian60 16.09.2015, 16:31
Marc, I am am new to the slot racing thing. When I bought the carrera set a few weeks ago, when I connected the Carrera app to my phone, it asked to update the C.U and then bricked the C.U. I got a new set through the vendor and I was told by Dave Kennedy from Carrera that the android version is buggy and not to try to connect the C.U again until a new update in Oct. Blutooth version on my phone is 4.3. Also, wanted to point out that the new issue 44 may be similar to mine. Again, thanks for your time and efforts.
#9 From @smartrace 16.09.2015, 17:41 Owner
Issue #44 is different, I've seen it on my own. The connection drop mentioned there only happens if you save settings which require a reload of smartrace. What you described is that the connection drops after 4 seconds even if you do nothing (if I got you right).

Anyway, I need to know if the original app works properly when used on your phone. You can't damage your CU by only connecting to it, you just must not use the update feature. If the original app works fine and doesn't have any connection drops, it's an issue with SmartRace (which I still doubt). If there are also connection drops, it's an issue with your phone. Please let me know your results. Thanks!
#10 From @dartanian60 23.10.2015, 18:11
Mark, wanted to let you know that the new version 1.40 fixed the connectivity issue I've been having. The program is working great right now
#11 From @smartrace 24.10.2015, 09:37 Owner
Darius, thats good to know, thank you. But I doubt that version 1.4.0 does anything relevant. Would be interesting to know if you updated the firmware of your Control Unit in the meantime?

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