#12361 Transfer car & race status from qualifying to the race

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From @mhogrev 21.09.2015, 09:54
It would be a nice feature to transfer the status, espacially the fuel level, of all cars from the qualifying to the race. That would add a nice tactical view on the qualifying. Once a car is on pole the driver could decide to wait and save fuel for the rest of the qualifying or untill another car has been faster. For the moment a 5min qualifying is driving like hell one lap after the other, hoping the next one will be the fastest....
Could be implemented with a "Go to race" function after qualifying instead of having the current "End event and discard" option.
#1 From @smartrace 12.12.2015, 21:05 Owner
Hi Marc,

Thanks for this input. Sorry, but I've decided that I won't implement this feature for now. I want SmartRace to stay slim and straightforward and this idea doesn't fit so well into this perspective. I also don't think going to race directly does give you any advantage over the current behavior, also it is just not usual in the real world (teams are always allowed to re-fuel between qualifying and race).


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