#12365 Ghost Cars

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From @chreste 13.10.2015, 11:08

It would be nice to drive with more than one ghost car, when using the Smartrace App. When i drive with two cras, the app register this two as the same car... Finally, this app is really really cool!
#1 From @smartrace 13.10.2015, 11:26 Owner
Hi Christian,

First of all: Thanks for pointing this out. I know it's annoying, but unfortunately I can't do anything about it. Every ghost car registers with ID 7, which is nothing I can change on the software-side. There are hardware solutions for this on some forums though. The only thing you could do is to have some tape on the diodes of the cars for which you don't want to have the laps counted, but they'll also not trigger any lane changes then.

Sorry to not have a better answer here.


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