#12371 Fuel Gauge not showing when Carrera lap counter is connected

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From @helikiller 08.11.2015, 18:17
Since the update to Version 1.4.1 under IOS 9, the Fuel Gauge is not showing anymore. Worked perfect in the previous Version.

Best Regards Michael
#1 From @smartrace 08.11.2015, 21:13 Owner
Hi Michael,

Thanks for coming here to report this issue. Can you please try to shut down both the app and your CU completely and restart them? Also, please make sure the fuel setting on the CU is set to either 'on' or 'real'. Please let me know if that changes anything for you.

#2 From @helikiller 08.11.2015, 21:54
Hi Marc, thanks for the quick reply.
Restarting does not help. In the meantome I found the reason of that odd behavior. I have the Carrera Round Timer (#30342) installed. The missing Fuel Gauge comes back, once the round counter is disconnected from the CU (3,5mm jack disconnecting). Connecting the round counter again to the CU and the fuel gauge in smartrace is gone again. The probem is reproducable.

In the "Original" IOS Carrera Race App on the iPad, both (round counter and fuel gauge display on the ipad) works smoothly in parallel, so in general this should work.
Could you plase have a look into why it is not working in smartrace?


Best regards
#3 From @smartrace 08.11.2015, 22:01 Owner
Ah, thanks, this is indeed interesting! I guess this could indeed be a bug in SmartRace. I'll investigate this and come back to you ASAP. Thanks for your help!
#4 From @smartrace 11.11.2015, 12:13 Owner
Will be fixed in 1.4.2

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