#12373 Bluetooth keeps loosing connection

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From @rf103 11.11.2015, 00:47
Hello Marc, After finally getting friends together for a big race I found the bluetooth looses connection constantly in Race mode only. Qualifying mode seems to be fine. If I just practice it keeps connection however the same problem I had earlier of positions are not accurate eg 1st place may show 3rd on the list 2nd on the bottom etc. (only does this in free practice mode). These issues happen in both my Tablet and Latest version of Ipad using your latest release. Any ideas? Really sorry to hear your selling your software, I have really enjoyed using it and watching it grow! Thanks...Ron
#1 From @smartrace 11.11.2015, 09:43 Owner
Hey Ron,

Thanks for reporting this. This seems to be a really bad issue with 1.4.1 which has also been reported by other users. It seems to happen on iOS only. Can you confirm you're using iOS? I will investigate this with high priority and hope I can sort it out very soon. Sorry for the inconveniences :-(

Regarding the lap counter in free practice/qualifying mode: I'm afraid this is the correct behavior of the counter. It does only count laps, but doesn't care about the fastest times, thats why it will only show the person on first place with the most laps driven.

And yes, I'm selling the app, but I won't shut it down, no worries :-). I will continue to fix bugs and add features as soon as someone knocks my doof to buy the app :-)

#2 From @srobiergmail-com 11.11.2015, 10:20
Hallo Marc, ich vermute das die software nur glaubt die verbindung sei unterbrochen, wenn ich nämlich das bluetooth am handy aus u. wieder einschalte verbindet es sofort u. zählt auch die runden die ich nach dem abbruch gefahren bin. Lg
#3 From @smartrace 11.11.2015, 12:13 Owner
Will be fixed in 1.4.2, release pending.

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