#12375 It does not detect the device

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From @f.vicari 13.11.2015, 14:12
Hello Marc.
I purchased the app but I do not connect to the device.
It is a tablet Android 5.1 bluetooth 4.0.
More Apps (carrera etc) connect without problems.
I preferred smartrace because in Italian but I can not use it.
How can I do?
#1 From @smartrace 13.11.2015, 14:57 Owner
Hello Francesco,

Could you please provide more information on what happens exactly when you start smartrace? And which version of the Control Units firmware are you using?

#2 From @f-vicari 13.11.2015, 15:03
Simply can not connect.
The software version of the CU is the 332 (updated 2 days ago)
#4 From @f-vicari 13.11.2015, 17:36
Help me please, from what little I've seen the app you've developed is fantastic and I would like to use it very
#5 From @smartrace 13.11.2015, 18:19 Owner
I currently dont have a real idea of what could be the reason for this. :-(

Do you have the chance to test with another tablet or smartphone? Where you able to use smartrace before you updated the CU?
#6 From @f-vicari 13.11.2015, 21:17
Unfortunately I have no other Android devices but many apple, the android tablet was purchased for the track.
SmartRace I never used, I bought it today just because in Italian and from what I've seen in the screenshots and read the feature is very nice.
So I can not do anything? With the money I spent I do? Although I would pay even more, but it can be used.
Help me
#7 From @smartrace 13.11.2015, 21:22 Owner
I am ungortunately not at home this weekend so I cannot reproduce this before tuesday. Very sorry about this. One thing you could do is to buy the iOS version of smartrace just to See if it works and return it afterwards... :-(
#8 From @f-vicari 13.11.2015, 21:40
Ok, but I can not hold on iphone or ipad application, those I need to work :-).
Buy now and let you know if it works
#9 From @f-vicari 13.11.2015, 21:42
Purchased, it works perfectly on iOS
#10 From @smartrace 13.11.2015, 21:56 Owner
Ok, good to know! Could it be a permission issue on your android device? You could maybe try a fresh install (= remove smartrace and re-download it). Thanks!
#11 From @f-vicari 13.11.2015, 22:10
Done, but nothing, not connecting. iOS instead immediately connects
#12 From @smartrace 14.11.2015, 16:34 Owner
If I understood correctly, the Original App from Carrera is working fine on your android device, Right? So i think it must be some kind of permission issue or so. I Never Heard of an issue like this from other users though...
#13 From @f-vicari 15.11.2015, 09:03
I did update the App carrera and stopped working also on the Android device, while on ios everything perfect!
#14 From @f-vicari 15.11.2015, 10:35
The application **slot car buddy** but connects fine
#15 From @smartrace 16.11.2015, 12:49 Owner
Sorry, I dont understand what you mean. Does the Original app now also no longer work? Also, could you please describe exactly what happens when you start SmartRace? Does the blue bar appear which says that it is scanning for the Control Unit?
#16 From @f-vicari 17.11.2015, 11:44
That's right, you see the blue bar to search but can not connect
#17 From @smartrace 17.11.2015, 12:04 Owner
Could you please provide a screenshot of the permissions overview of SmartRace on your android device? This screen should be located at Settings -> Apps -> SmartRace. Thanks!
#18 From @smartrace 22.11.2015, 22:15 Owner
I'll close this for now. Please let me know if there is any update on this. Thanks!
#19 From @f-vicari 27.11.2015, 15:59
I sent the request, sorry for the delay but I was traveling.
I await info
Thank you
#20 From @smartrace 30.11.2015, 20:13 Owner
Hi Francesco,

Hm, I still can't see anything that looks wrong in your settings. Could you please let me know again if the Carrera App is working on this device? You mentioned that Slotcar Buddy is working - is this still the case as of today?

Please try again to delete SmartRace completely from this device, including the manual deletion of the application cache (which can be done in the screen visible from the screenshot). Afterwards, please re-install it.


#21 From @smartrace 30.11.2015, 20:14 Owner
Also, as another question: Are you able to use the menu bar in smartrace and add drivers and cars for example?
#22 From @f-vicari 04.12.2015, 18:29
Tried but nothing.
You can use the sidebar .... just do not see AppConnect.
It only happens with this device. I bought the app for ios and it works perfectly, while the other apps work (carrera etc).
I additrittura formatted and cleaned everything but nothing
#23 From @smartrace 04.12.2015, 19:32 Owner
Hi Francesco,

Thanks for the update. Can you please try to be a bit more precise to allow me to understand you a bit better: Is the original carrera app working on the device where smartrace is not working? In your comment from 15.11.2015 you mentioned the carrera app also stopped working on this device.

Could you please make sure you're not trying to connect manually to appconnect by using the devices bluetooth center but only using the app?


#24 From @smartrace 11.12.2015, 15:56 Owner
Closing. Please feel free to re-open with more information on this issue. Thanks!

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