#12380 Add a championship mode

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From @smartrace 22.11.2015, 22:15
- There should be a button "count as championship race" next to "discard" and "share" on the race finish screen.
- Championship races should be counted per connection of driver and car
- There should be a sharing and resetting function for the championship mode
#1 From @smartrace 30.03.2016, 17:10 Owner
Planned for 3.0.0
#2 From @smartrace 09.04.2016, 16:55 Owner
- Let user choose which type of point counting they would like to use (e.g. classic, new)
- two tables needed: championship (contains CC information), championship_result (contains results, e.g. date, driver_id, position)
- Detail view of a CC has 2 additional tabs: standings (points overview of all involved drivers), results (race results for all CC races)

Open question: Would a "team" feature be interesting for this? Lets see.
#3 From @noakad 09.04.2016, 17:29
Das wäre mega cool
#4 From @chillmaster 15.09.2016, 19:18
A team feature would be interesting :-)
#5 From @givil27 03.10.2016, 12:11
Eine Komentatorfunktion bei zb positionswechsel wäre super
#6 From @smartrace 03.10.2016, 19:39 Owner
@givil27, das hat ja nicht unbedingt was mit dem Meisterschaftsmodus zu tun. Deshalb bitte ein separates Ticket dafür öffnen. Danke :-)
#7 From @smartrace 28.02.2017, 08:56 Owner
Hi @smartracer, well, though I find your approach very interesting, this is probably not something for the bigger part of the users. What most of the users would like to have is a classic championship mode. I think you'll still need to use external tools or pen & paper to do what you wish :-)

#8 From @smartracerughoeft-de 28.02.2017, 10:33
I will do so :-)
I use this mode to let everey driver drive with every car, so the differences of the cars do not matter.
If each driver has his/hers own car, this is not necessary, but at my place I supply all cars.
#9 From @smartrace 11.09.2017, 17:41 Owner
Added for 2.10.0 as in-app purchase.

See https://www.smartrace.de/en/add-ons/championship/
#10 From @smartrace 12.09.2017, 12:21 Owner
Hi @smartracer, well, you can change the assignments anytime. The assigned cars are not tracked in the championship, only drivers. Does that answer your question?

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