#12384 Does SmartRace ever actually get from the CU the Chip/Car ID, or do we only know the controller #?

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From @jgradyo 24.11.2015, 21:32
Knowing what info is available makes it easier to avoid asking for impossible features. :)

My thought is that if SR actually can get a car's chip ID from the CU, then the "Cars" database would be more of an automatic thing (e.g., ID "xyz" is the red "LaFerrari"). The car/driver "assignments" could even happen automatically when they code the car to the controller.

One can imagine keeping statistics about the performance of individual cars over time, like:
- lap times at speed setting X
- driver 1's performance vs. driver 2 with a given car
- car's performance over time (i.e., time for some new tires/grease/oil?)
- driver 1's performance with car 1 vs. car 2
- ...the possibilities seem endless...

Thanks for listening, and for maintaining progress while you look for a buyer.

#1 From @smartrace 25.11.2015, 11:48 Owner
This would be great indeed, Grady, but unfortunately this is not possible. The cars don't have IDs for themselves, but get assigned to them by the CU. So it is not possible to re-recognize a car :-(. I would LOVE such a thing because I LOVE statistics :-D
#2 From @jgradyo 26.11.2015, 16:09
Oh, well. I guess I assumed that the chip would have something like a MAC address. As for your love of statistics, you and I share that enthusiasm.

For example, I think that a simple, accessible database of ALL race results would be interesting on its own, and possibly a good base for software (graphical representations?) yet to be imagined. You might even attach/index a few fields (race finish, maintenance notes, driver) to the "cars" you already store. That would, I imagine, get you most of what a "car ID" would provide.

Unless you disagree, I think I should open another suggestion ticket. :) I could help with the db design & with any testing, if you required it.
#3 From @smartrace 27.11.2015, 10:25 Owner
Indeed I'm planning to save all results to allow for more interaction with it and to have nice statistics available in the app.

The biggest obstacle for now is that I have to switch to another database solution. I don't know if you're a bit into technical details, but maybe you know a bit about localStorage. I'm using this for SmartRace, but it has some severe limitations. It is sufficient for the data I'm storing right now (options, drivers, cars, assignments), but not for more data like race results and especially not for data relations. I'm currently doing heavy research on database solutions for apps and once I've committed to one of them, I'll prepare plans to integrate more stuff. For now, I think we should close this issue and I'll be glad to come back to you once I'm ready to work on data improvements :-)
#4 From @jgradyo 27.11.2015, 16:49
OK, close 68. I am not a dev so i don't know the limitations that "local storage" impose on you - especially in the mixed iOS/Android package. A normalized SQL-based database is the way I would go. Normalize on cars, drivers, circuits, and events, and store EVERYTHING! I'll help however I can.
#5 From @smartrace 27.11.2015, 17:04 Owner
I think this is exactly the meme we need right now: http://cdn.meme.am/instances/58487031.jpg


Yes, thats exactly what I plan. Basically, localStorage is just a very basic key => value storage which doesn't allow for querying. And its limited to 5 MB :-/

Ok, I'll close this one. Thanks so far!

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