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From @vrrrrrm 25.11.2015, 18:04
More detailed driver, car and track selection. It would be nice if that can be more detailed with picture etc. Slot car diary in android market has something similar (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=es.dbenito.slotcardiary&hl=en). I would go so far as to create an online track database and then be able to create it and battle for laptimes between users.

More flexible controller colour selection: be able to select more(2) colors (either square with 2 colors or text another colour)

is there already chromecast support?

#1 From @smartrace 11.12.2015, 15:55 Owner
Thanks, I'll consider this :-)
#2 From @smartrace 12.12.2015, 16:01 Owner
Sorry, I overlooked your question regarding ChromeCast: I think this should work. I did not yet have the opportunity to test it on my own, but I remember that at least one user reported to me that ChromeCast screen mirroring should work.
#3 From @vrrrrrm 12.12.2015, 16:23
Screen mirroring works. However I think there are special options to utilize it better (hence why some apps have special support for it). I noticed when using screen mirroring the delay can sometimes be 1 or 2 seconds which is annoying when you are fueling ;-).
#4 From @smartrace 12.12.2015, 23:20 Owner
Hm, okay, but I think I don't have the capacities to implement something special for chromecast. Screen mirroring should be sufficient for most cases and is the same for other streaming devices such as AppleTV. Regarding the delay: I think this is more an issue with your local network as the signal is being transferred via wlan.
#5 From @vrrrrrm 13.12.2015, 07:04
it seems overkill to send the full screen (just like one uses ssh to connect to a server instead of vnc). I am no android programmer but I suppose here might be some info of interest: https://developers.google.com/cast/
#6 From @jh 25.12.2015, 23:09
It would be great if it there will ve some new Features like tire or brake damage simulations.the damage could be fixed when the driver go into the pit lane.
#7 From @smartrace 26.12.2015, 14:13 Owner
Nice idea, thanks. I'll consider this for one of the next versions :-)
#8 From @jh 27.12.2015, 10:48
I got some other ideas:
A) possibility to integrate driver and car pictures
B) track Management, like:possibility to create and save several different tracks with an track Editor (so that i can map the specific race track and save it for future rebuilding) and than the possibility to save the trackrecords for each different track
C) possibility to get a list of all times of a qualifing or racing Session. Currently it is only the fastet lap of a qualifing session obvious, maybe additional possibility to export the list to excel

#9 From @jh 27.12.2015, 14:03
Some more :)
-announcment of last lap and when a car is pitlane
- deletion of selected laps in the record List
#10 From @smartrace 16.02.2016, 09:11 Owner
Track management: #114
More sounds. #61
Closing this one.

Please make sure to open separate tickets for separate topics :-)

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