#12387 Fire TV support?

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From @svenster 09.12.2015, 21:07
Hello, i didnt buy smartrace yet cause i dont know if its possible to run on fire tv if i sideload the app.
I tried the carrera app but i cant use it with the fire tv remote.
#1 From @smartrace 09.12.2015, 21:10 Owner
Hi Sven,

I'm not sure about that to be honest. I dont think you will be able to control the App using the remote control from FireTV, but you should be able to mirror the screen I think.

#2 From @svenster 09.12.2015, 21:20
i cant mirror from iphone or ipad and i dont own a appletv.
is there a demo version i can use to try it?
#3 From @smartrace 09.12.2015, 21:45 Owner
I was talking about mirroring to the FireTV, as mentioned [here][1]. What do you think? Could this work?

[1]: https://www.amazon.de/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=201453020
#4 From @smartrace 11.12.2015, 15:56 Owner
Closing for now. Please feel free to re-open if necessary :-)

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