#12409 Create a race monitor for every driver

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From @smartrace 05.01.2016, 20:30
It should be possible for each driver to have their own driver display (e.g. using a separate app).
#1 From @mraudi 14.03.2016, 16:23
Hey, that is a great idea. I would go for that, too. And it would boost sales ;-) Like having my own Dashboard on my phone in front of me.
#2 From @nogolem 13.05.2016, 13:43
It would be cool. But driver displays should be usable as well. For those who do not have their phones.
#3 From @drewbert34 12.04.2017, 19:17
Perfect for track calls / cautions!
#4 From @naschkatze_felix 21.09.2017, 19:34
Wäre eine tolle Sache. Würde mir auch gefallen
#5 From @arcadebliss 22.10.2017, 06:48
Excellent idea! Mabye per http to a host?
#6 From @wood0209 01.12.2017, 04:18
This would be a great feature. I envision it such as having a main tablet/phone connected to the ControlUnit and controlling all of the race details. Other drivers with each of their individual devices could then somehow connect as slaves to allow the driver to either view the full race data on their device (as displayed on the primary device), or view a "personalized display" showing the individual's driver info, fuel levels, position, and times. The only extra function the individual devices would have is a button for track call, but it would be unable to make any changes to the race setup options.
#7 From @bkracernyc 08.05.2018, 01:16
That would be great! I also would love to be able to switch between multiple devices (via username?), to be able to either use a phone or tablet interchangeably with all data, set ups and records being available on either device.
#8 From @smartrace 19.09.2018, 19:12 Owner
SmartRace Connect is about to be released very soon. Closing this. Will keep you posted on social media and the known boards.
#9 From @luiyi 20.09.2018, 16:45
please add the Spanish language

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