#12414 smart race version 1.4.2 didnt find the control unit

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From @alexander.schmitz@gmx.com 06.01.2016, 19:27
I hope, someone can help me with my problem. A few days ago I bought the smart race app, updated my control unit to the newest firmware with the carrera race app. The smart race app is working well. Two days later (my tablet samsung galaxy 4 s has softwareupdates) the smartrace app didtn find the control unit i became the notice in blue "please make sure, that the control unit is active and not in standby" If i reinitialize the app the control unit is connected for 5 seconds than the blue notice "please make sure, that the control unit is active and not in standby" appears again. What can I do?? Thanks a lot for your efforts, many greetings alex
#1 From @smartrace 06.01.2016, 19:28 Owner
Hey Alex,

Can you make sure you have not paired the CU manually with your device? Its vital that you only enable bluetooth and let SmartRace establish the connection.

#2 From @alexander-schmitzgmx-com 06.01.2016, 19:35
Dear Marc, thanks for the fast answer. Unfortunately this doesnt solve the problem. I didnt search the CU with Bluetooth. Bluetooth is only acitivated and can be seen for all devices. But the connection establish the smart race app. Do you have another solution for me? Greetings alex
#3 From @smartrace 06.01.2016, 19:46 Owner
Hey Alex,

Sounds strange. So you say it used to work properly before the Android update? Which Android version are you using now?

#4 From @smartrace 08.01.2016, 12:26 Owner
Hey Alex, Any news on this?
#5 From @smartrace 09.01.2016, 13:27 Owner
Closing old entries.
#6 From @alexander-schmitzgmx-com 09.01.2016, 14:10
Hey Marc, sorry for not answering earlier. I was lying in bed with a really bad stomache illness. Now I am up again. My Samsung Galaxy Tab S has after the Update the android version 5.0.2. Is smart race not working with this version? Thank you for your efforts. Cheers Alex
#7 From @smartrace 10.01.2016, 10:57 Owner
Hey Alex,

I'm very sorry, but I unfortunately don't have a solution for this. Some research on google showed that Lollipop 5.0.2 does have some issues with bluetooth. I think I can confirm this is not an issue with SmartRace, as there is no dependency on the android version but only on the bluetooth version of your device (min 4). Are you still able to connect to the CU using other devices?

#8 From @alexander-schmitzgmx-com 10.01.2016, 13:42
Hey Marc, thanks for the answer. Yes I am able to connect the CU with the original carrera app with my smartphone Samsung S4. Do I have to buy the smart race app again for my smartphone, do you think than it works? Greetings Alex
#9 From @smartrace 10.01.2016, 15:18 Owner
Hey Alex,

In case you're using the same google account on your other device, you won't need to buy SmartRace again.

#10 From @smartrace 20.01.2016, 09:48 Owner
Closing until more information arrives.

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