#12418 Allow a paused race to continue with the „Esc“ key on the CU

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From @razorblade 07.01.2016, 21:40
Allow a paused race to continue with the "Esc" key on the CU to bypass the complete race start procedure.
#1 From @smartrace 08.01.2016, 00:02 Owner
I see the use case, but I think this button has another meaning. It actually will cause the safety car to exit the track (if applicable). So I still think the START button is the right choice. Do you disagree?
#2 From @smartrace 08.01.2016, 00:03 Owner
Just a short hint: Please only use the labels if e.g. your issue applies only to one platform. Using all of the available labels at the same time doesn't make so much sense :-)
#3 From @razorblade 08.01.2016, 08:59
Using the Carrera app pressing the start button stop the cars, but if you press the start button again the race is reset, so using the Esc button is the only option in the Carrera app to continue the race. I do not use a safety car so I was not aware of this possible side effect.
I agree that the start button should remain to continue the race, but I suggest to add the Esc as an additional option, maybe configurable if there are possible side effects with the safety car.

Just out of curiosity, if Esc is interfere with an safety car, how can a race be continued in the Carrera app different than using the Esc button?
#4 From @smartrace 08.01.2016, 12:26 Owner
If the behavior of the CApp is as you described, it's probably not possible to have the safety car as a ghost car in the race (which is planned for SmartRace as some people asked to be able to use the safety car as another ghost car). Let me check if its easily possible to also use the ESC button to continue the race.
#5 From @smartrace 15.02.2016, 19:01 Owner
Hi Alfred,

I thought a bit more about this and came to the conclusion that I don't like the idea of adding this. I think using the start button is pretty straight forward and works fine for most users (including myself). Personally, I'd always prefer using the start button over the ESC button, because it provides a short delay before the race can continue and thus makes sure that everyone's got the same chance for reacting on it.

Also, I want to keep the configuration possibilities as lean and simple as possible (as already mentioned). I know you don't fully agree on this, but thats my current point of view.


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