#12421 Add interface to enable the user to assign sounds for all kind of audio events

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From @razorblade 07.01.2016, 21:49
User should be able to select user defined sounds for events.
#1 From @smartrace 08.01.2016, 00:04 Owner
Where would these user defined sounds come from? I guess this would only be possible if you record the sounds directly from the app using the built-in microphone.
#2 From @razorblade 08.01.2016, 08:51
This would be a an additional option, but I thought to take it from the media library (as MP3) or from the ring tones (m4r)
#3 From @smartrace 08.01.2016, 12:18 Owner
Hm, I think this will not be possible on iOS. I will investigate on this.
#4 From @smartrace 10.01.2016, 11:02 Owner
After doing a bit of research, I think this will be pretty hard to implement on both platforms. Can you explain a bit more what use case you have in mind? Its actually (especially on iOS) kind of hard to transfer user defined sounds to the device anyway. You'd have to import them to itunes, sync them to your device and choose them in SmartRace at the end. I don't like this and I currently can't see how this will be often used or be better than a set of given sounds.
#5 From @razorblade 10.01.2016, 15:23
Personally I don't have a problem importing sounds via iTunes.
My concern is the quality of the given sounds and I like the flexibility of the solution.
The current sounds are not suitable for me, even routing it to my sound system I can't really hear the ping of the fastest lap (and I don't like the ping, prefer spoken sounds) and the end of race applause.
This is the reason why I would like a customizable solution, to fit different needs of different people.
Customizable sounds would also enable us to adjust volume levels of specific sounds.

As said, it would be a fully customizable sound interface....
#6 From @smartrace 10.01.2016, 15:30 Owner
I understand your point. But again I have to emphasize on the usability aspect. The more configuration options you have, the harder it gets to use them. SmartRace should stay lean and simple.

Anyway, I'll keep it on the list for now (low prio) and see how this can probably fit into this. Thanks!
#7 From @razorblade 10.01.2016, 18:38
Ok thanks, but usability should not be an issue.
Users which are not interested in sound configuration should not be affected, they just take the provided sound.
The only difference is an additional button in the config screen beside yes/no which opens the sound selection dialog.

Maybe even for users which do not import their own sounds the sound selection dialog might be useful if you provide several default sounds to let the users choose from these.

In general I'm not concerned about complexity of features/options. It's always a question of good user interface design. With a good design software is still usable even Newbies use only a fraction of the features.
On the other hand many features/configurable options are crucial to support also advanced users.
#8 From @smartrace 12.04.2016, 13:48 Owner
Hi Alfred,

After I added some new sounds (also supported by text-to-speech features) for SmartRace 2.0, I am even more concerned about the relevance of this request. Though I understand your approach and your wish, I still think this is a very special request and most users will be happy with the sounds which are present in SmartRace. There are still many, many, many other ideas and things to do, so I'm afraid it doesn't even make sense to keep this report open. I'll close it for now and hope you understand my point. I appreciate the input you're giving.

As soon as this is requested by more users, I will of course evaluate to re-open. Thanks for your cooperation.


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