#12424 Create reports of current race

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From @razorblade 07.01.2016, 22:00
Create a report with lap times when clicking on a driver after a race (Showing all laps with time)

Create a report with the fastest laps of this race (button to select).
This is different to the already existing all time record list.

Create a report which allow to compare lap times of the drivers in this race.
Mark the driver which was leading at this time in a different color (each lap row)
lap. Driver A. driver b Driver c
1. 4.456. 4,567. 5.0344
2. 4.345. ..........
#1 From @smartrace 07.01.2016, 23:59 Owner
Thanks, I like this! It will probably be hard to store all this data in a performant way during the race, but lets see.
#2 From @picotera 22.01.2016, 20:10
As a comment: Reporting of laps is meaningful. I have the need to valuate a new build track. An analyse of a new track include the following
1) Are both lanes similar at speed ?
2) Which is the best car setup of speed and brakes ?
3) Location of lane changes correct to get the best racing line ?
#3 From @smartrace 06.12.2016, 23:08 Owner
Guys, great news. This will be part of the next version. I LOVE this new feature! I will give some more information on this when I release the new version, so stay tuned!

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