#12428 no fuel gauge?

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From @ohlschool 08.01.2016, 16:37
got fuel turned on, got the fuel levels set, start racing the app is not registering fuel however the track is? sorry if this is an easy fix but we cannot figure it out

also is there a way to link multiple devises for personal huds for each driver? again sorry if this is a dumb one just most of our phones are not bluetooth 4.0 and we are hoping to link in to a master phone or something of that sort?
#1 From @smartrace 08.01.2016, 16:45 Owner
Hi Dustin,

Thanks for coming here to report this. Do you have the [pit stop adapter unit][1] built into your track? Otherwise the fuel feature will not work correctly.

Regarding multiple devices: This is not possible right now. I'm planning on integrate this feature in future versions of SmartRace.


[1]: https://shop.carrera-toys.com/Carrera-DIGITAL-124/Zubehoer/Digital-Features/Pit-Stop-Adapter-Unit.html?shp=4
#2 From @ohlschool 08.01.2016, 22:41
i do have a the pit lane and it works well without the app, I can set the fuel levels right on the track and after a few laps the lights flash on the car and its time to pit.
Our problem is with the app we set up all the cars speed,fuels etc and start a race but fuel gauge remains at 0%. its not unlikely its on my end and im just being tech dumb but i figured id ask in hopes there was some easy fix for this
Thanks for the timely response look forward to hearing back
great job on the app btw, cant wait till its polished up should be a blast!
#3 From @smartrace 08.01.2016, 22:49 Owner
Could you please upload a photo of how your pit lane is installed? Thanks a lot!
#4 From @ohlschool 16.01.2016, 17:06
i placed the pit lane before the starting line and seemed to fix the problem, would that be the reason?
#5 From @smartrace 16.01.2016, 18:43 Owner
This should not have any effect - but sometimes the CU does not recognize the pit lane correctly, so maybe re-installing solved it for the CU. Glad to read its working now anyway :)

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