#12432 Random damages

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From @smartrace 10.01.2016, 15:22
There could be random damage events (tire damage, gearbox issue, etc.) during races which are being announced (voice) and displayed (icon). Drivers who suffer from damages should go to the pit for a configurable amount of seconds to repair it. If the damage is not repaired, this driver will be disqualified from the race. The probability of damages should be configurable, too.
#1 From @rex-renolds 21.12.2016, 12:58
This would be a great addition to the app!
#2 From @targa24 21.12.2016, 14:41
Nice, but maybe not disqualified, i think an icon with did not finished would fit better
#3 From @smartrace 14.04.2017, 15:13 Owner
When I was implementing weather changes (which will arrive in the next months as in-app-purchase) and trying it out with my brother, I found that random damages might not be what most people want. It will not add any real tactics to the app, but will randomly handycap someone which will reduce the tension of a race. Thats why I decided to drop this for now. I will most probably rather work on things that happen for all drivers, e.g. tyre wear. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but I just don't feel it makes any sense.

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