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From @bruce 09.04.2016, 01:56
I have a neutab tablet that has blue tooth 4.0
Cuts out once and a while
Do you know of a wire that I can plug it in direct fro control unit to tablet
S-connector to mini plug for tablet

Also when I press start after race has finished
The cars have gas from last race but time is new
So I have to go through long process of picking lap race and so on
Just to get it to work
Is there a step I'm missing

Thanks Bruce  PIN 0011
#1 From @smartrace 09.04.2016, 16:32 Owner
Hi Bruce,

First of all, I'd ask you to use more explaining ticket titles. Thanks.

Could you please let me know which firmware version your're using on your control unit? You'll be able to get it from the "about" dialog in SmartRace once you're connected to your CU.

#2 From @bruce 10.04.2016, 13:57
The firmware is 5 336
SmartRace 1.4.2

The main problem I'm having after the first race ends and I dismiss results
I press start againp
Then again on cu
Race starts but fuel is continuing from Last race
And the race doesn't end
I don't want to reinitialize and set up every ones car again
Or go through all settings to just restart

Also anyway to have the cu stop cars when race is finished so anonymous car stops mainly
#3 From @smartrace 11.04.2016, 11:07 Owner
Its really important that you open the "race" dialog first and confirm the settings again before starting a race. Otherwise SmartRace won't know which type of event you want to start. Could you please make sure that you use the race dialog before each eace?

With SmartRace 2.0, there will be a setting which allows for "powering off" the track once a race/qualifying has finished, so AI cars will stop, too.
#4 From @smartrace 12.04.2016, 13:45 Owner
Closing, but please feel free to re-open if you feel there is a real bug. Thanks!

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