#12460 alphabetic order in (car)-database

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From @maddinho 29.04.2016, 17:01
Hi, nice feature this new db, but unfortunately I lost mine with this update :-( All cars gone and I've got quite a lot. During the re-entry I realized that they're not being ordered anymore. This leads to a very poor overview. Possible to fix that (without new losts, please)?
#1 From @smartrace 29.04.2016, 17:32 Owner
Hi Martin,

Thanks for coming here to report the issues you're facing. Can you confirm you already updated to 2.0.1? This new version fixes the sorting issues and introduces a one-time migration of the "old" car and driver database to the new one.

#2 From @smartrace 30.04.2016, 07:51 Owner
Closing for now, please let me know if there are still issues. Thanks!
#3 From @maddinho 30.04.2016, 14:10
Hi Marc, db works perfectly now! Thx

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