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From @nogolem 07.05.2016, 23:46
Hello !
There is no BTM logo in the manufacturers list.
For the Bill Thomas Cheetah car released by Carrera.
Would it be possible to add this brand since it is a popular model for Carrera enthusiasts ?
Thank you very much again for your software :-)
#1 From @nogolem 07.05.2016, 23:47
You can find the logo here :
#2 From @smartrace 09.05.2016, 12:19 Owner
Added for 2.0.2, thanks.

Offtopic: Would you perhaps be willing to contribute to a french translation of SmartRace? Would be very glad to add one, just let me know :-)

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#3 From @nogolem 01.06.2016, 21:59
Sorry my Mail was full a few days ago..... I can help with french from english but not from german. But I can help..... How do we do ?
#4 From @nogolem 01.06.2016, 22:02
Pls try again for mail ;-) my adress is good

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