#12486 No Bluetooth connection

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From @leif2k8 02.06.2016, 13:46

The app seems not to use the bluetooth connection. It shows "searching" but its not connecting. Another thing is,
its not asking for permission to turn on or off the bt connection even after reinstal!

Huawei P8 / latest software
#1 From @smartrace 02.06.2016, 13:49 Owner
Hey Leif,

This is a known issue with SmartRace on Android 6. Please have a look at https://support.smartrace.de/issues/151 and let me know if that helped for you. Thanks!

#2 From @smartrace 26.06.2016, 17:35 Owner
Closing. Please feel free to re-open in case my answer didn't help. Thanks!

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