#12488 Affichage des items dans les liste

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From @patrick.konieczny 09.06.2016, 12:13

Application ANDROID installée sur un RemixMini Android lollipop

Dans tous les settings, la listbox se déploie bien mais les items ne sont pas visibles, les champs sont vides.
Il faut cliquer au hazard sur un des champs pour le sélectionner.
#1 From @smartrace 09.06.2016, 12:18 Owner
Bonjour Patrick,

As I don't speak french, could you please try to explain the issue in english? Thanks a lot.

#2 From @patrick-konieczny 09.06.2016, 12:24
OK sorry.
For each configurable field ; the choice list appears but the values ??are not visible .
You have to click randomly on one of the choices to validate and finally see its value.

Android application on a RemixMini ( lollipop ) .

thank you,
good to you ,
Patrick .
#3 From @smartrace 09.06.2016, 12:34 Owner
Thanks for reporting this. Could you possibly create a screenshot of the faulty behavior and attach it to this ticket? Thanks a lot!
#4 From @smartrace 14.06.2016, 17:45 Owner
This is a duplicate of #178 and it seems it is not fixable. It seems to be an issue in Android L 5.0.2 for which no workaround exists (https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=80909). Sorry! Can't you update to Android 5.1.1?

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