#12493 Swap colours of fastest laps

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From @maddinho 15.06.2016, 06:32
Hi Marc,
first of all, great thanks for your engagement to all our ideas and big or small problems, guess everybody here appreciates very much! Great app anyway!
So here's another hint you may put into the next update...

The personal fastest lap times (of drivers) usually are shown green
The absolute fastest lap times (of current session) are pink
#1 From @smartrace 26.06.2016, 17:33 Owner
Thx. You're actually right. I recognized this very soon after the first release and wondered why noone complained about it :-D

Fixed for 2.0.2!
#2 From @maddinho 28.06.2016, 18:26
Hehehe...I wanted not to be such a nerd. Looking forward the next release, thx!

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