#12496 Comparison of records

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From @d4-ve 10.07.2016, 21:03
Hi Marc,

One feature I Would like to see in the upcoming version is a better record compare view.
It would be mutch easier to compare personal records.
I hava a table view in my mind. Something like:

Track | Italy | Hockenheim | ...

Driver 1 | 5,342 Car| 3,454. Car | xy
Driver 2 | - | 3,5435 car | ...

#1 From @smartrace 11.07.2016, 20:06 Owner
Hey Dave,

Welcome to SmartRace :-)

Could you explain a bit more what the benefit of this would be? Also, I think the formatting is broken in your post, at least I'm not able to understand the table structure you're having in mind. Maybe you could add a screenshot of excel or something. Thanks a lot!

#2 From @smartrace 16.07.2016, 21:54 Owner
Closing for now. Please feel free to re-open with more information as requested :-)

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