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From @phaze11111 14.07.2016, 12:25
Just wanted to let you know I really love your app and just gave it a 5 star rating on iTunes.

Was wondering if it's possible in a future software update release to allow multi autonomous cars to have their laps counted separately during a race. Right now if I have two autonomous cars on the track during a race their laps are combined. I tired setting the two cars up autonomous using different controllers but it didn't help. Lap counts seem to be always combined. Thanks. Keep up the good work! John
#1 From @smartrace 14.07.2016, 12:31 Owner
Hey John,

Thanks for the nice rating, appreciate it a lot :-)

Unfortunately its impossible to solve the issue with autonomous cars on software-side. Carrera assigns all of them to ControllerID 7, which means that everytime an AI car crosses the line, it will be counted for Car 7. There is no way to change it. I know there are some crazy guys who were working on a hardware solution (like having custom a chip on each car), but I don't know anything about the progress on this. Maybe someone on SCI knows more.

Sorry I don't have better news on this :-(

I agree that this is a bit disappointing when you want to race against multiple cars. You have probably seen it already, but just in case: There is setting in SmartRace options which allows for disabling the lap counting for ghost cars completely for exactly this reason.

Hope that helped.


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