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From @kippintranet 19.09.2016, 21:19
SmartRace v. 2.2.2
Device: iPad Pro
iOS: 10.0.1

I can connect my iPad with Carrera's Connect App but not with SmartRace. Tried all combinations of booting and rebooting sequences for devices but your application cannot connect with my Control Unit.

Willing to bet there is a problem with iOS 10.0.1 compatibility like many other applications and devices to date.

I would appreciate prompt attention. Thank you in advance.
#1 From @smartrace 19.09.2016, 21:21 Owner
Hi Richard,

You're right, its a known issue with iOS 10 only. There is currently a bad bug whcih causes the app to crash hard after the connection has been established. It happens so fast that you probably don't see the successful connecting at all. I'm already in contact with my bluetooth expert and hope I can sort the issue out as soon as possible. Sorry that I don't have any better news :-(

#2 From @kippintranet 19.09.2016, 21:25
Thank you for your prompt reply. - Rich
#3 From @smartrace 22.09.2016, 16:40 Owner
Duplicate of #197.

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