#12512 Slot Car Manufacturers

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From @kippintranet 22.09.2016, 14:42
Although, I have chipped a number of other manufacturers and could categorize as either "Self-built" or "Other," perhaps you could add some smaller and niche manufacturers to your cars database list: SCX, Fly, Artin, Revell/Monogram, TeamSlot, AutoArt, Avant Slot, Cartix, Scorpius, and Airfix (although defunct). I even have an old Strombecker from the 1950s. Actually, I received my first slot car set; a Strombecker in 1958. Yep, still racing slot cars in my 60s. Thanks in advance for your consideration.
#1 From @smartrace 22.09.2016, 17:32 Owner
Will be in 2.2.5 :-)

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