#12514 Smart Race crashes while using without connection to Carrera Control Unit

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From @snicki 23.09.2016, 10:59
Hi, i wrote it already down in the app store. When i use the app without Connection to the control unit via BT the app doesn`t react and show only an empty screen. That happens when I use the app to add some pictures or something. So, it is possible to edit one part, but then, when I will return to the main menue after restore, the app show me an empty screen and doesn`t react anymore.
I use a Samsung Tab3 Tablet.

Anyway, it`s a cool app.

Greatings Chris
#1 From @smartrace 23.09.2016, 13:07 Owner
Hi Chris,

Can you provide some screenshots of the behavior and the exact steps on how to reproduce it? Thank you very much in advance.

#2 From @snicki 23.09.2016, 14:15
I open race control. Then I chose something in the menue, for example "car controls" and edit the fuel volume. I store the changes and will return, but then the whole screen is frozen. On the left side you see the green screen from the menue options but no words, so on the right side but in grey.

#3 From @smartrace 24.09.2016, 06:43 Owner
Hm, ok, I think I understand. But could you still try to create a screenshot (or more) of the broken screen and attach it to the ticket? That would be very helpful I guess. Thanks a lot.
#4 From @snicki 24.09.2016, 08:02
So it's done
#5 From @smartrace 24.09.2016, 08:25 Owner
Hi Christian,

You wrote that you're editing the fuel volume - but that should only work when the connection to the CU is already established. If you don't have a connection, the menu item should be greyed out and produce a message telling you that you need an established connection in order to use this item. Can you please check again which menu item you're using when the frozen screen appears? Thanks!

#6 From @snicki 24.09.2016, 08:39
U r right. But it is uninterested wich menue option i choose and if i store or quit. Instead of return the Screen Shows me that picture.
#7 From @snicki 24.09.2016, 08:42
I try it with "cars" 2 Minuten ago
#8 From @smartrace 24.09.2016, 08:51 Owner
Ok, thanks a lot! I'll look into it!

#9 From @smartrace 09.11.2016, 13:38 Owner
Should be fixed in 2.3.0. Please feel free to re-open if you're still facing any issues like this. Thanks!

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