#12515 Connection issue when using Lenovo Tab 3 A7-10 7″ Tablet

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From @mikejoss 23.09.2016, 13:53
I have an issue with your app connecting, but only when using a Lenovo Tab 3 A7-10 7" Tablet. This is a brand new device that I bought specifically for my boys track.
The app works perfectly with my HTC phone, or with other tablets such as my Samsung tablet.

With the Lenovo it connects, the Bluetooth box shows a steady light (connected) but the app reports ‘searching for connection’ in the blue toast at the top of the screen.
Using the same Lenovo tablet, but with the Carerra App it connects fine, stays connected, everything works fine – But your app is so much better!

On the surface it looks to have connected, but the app seems to be incorrectly reporting that its not connected

Using the Official Carerra app, my control unit reports that its Software Version 336 with a hardware version of 5.

Let me know what other info you need to be able to try and track this down as I know that this is not a lot to go on.

#1 From @smartrace 23.09.2016, 13:58 Owner
Hi Mike,

I currently don't know of any general issues with this tablet. Just a wild guess: Can you make sure that the carrera app is not by any chance running in the background when you try to use SmartRace?

Does the green "connection established"-toast show up for a second? Or does it stay blue from the start?

#2 From @mikejoss 23.09.2016, 14:25
Connected appears - just flashes quickly. The light on the Bluetooth box goes from flashing to solid, then the blue bar shows saying searching.

No, the other app is not running, have check in task manager and have gone as far as rebooting, and using your app first, never opening the other one.
#3 From @smartrace 25.09.2016, 10:15 Owner
Thats's really strange. I currently don't have any idea what could be wrong. Which version of SmartRace are you using? And which version of Android do you have running on your device?
#4 From @smartrace 03.10.2016, 19:41 Owner
@mikejoss, any news on this topic? Otherwise I think it might have resolved. Please feel free to come back with any of the requested information. Thanks!
#5 From @mikejoss 04.10.2016, 04:51
Hi Marc,
Appologies, I didn't see your response.

The SmartRace version is the latest available (2.2.5 from memory).
I will look at the version on the tablet as soon as I get home tonight (I believe that it is version 4.2)
#6 From @mikejoss 04.10.2016, 04:53
Is there a new version that I can try out?
Thanks for your time, much appreciated.
#7 From @smartrace 04.10.2016, 06:24 Owner
Currently 2.2.5 is the newest version available.

I'm looking forward to getting to know the Android version you're using. If it's by any chance Android 6, there could be an issue which can be solved by tweaking some things.
#8 From @mikejoss 04.10.2016, 06:47
Thanks, I will let you know.
#9 From @mikejoss 04.10.2016, 13:03
Android 5.0.1. added screenshot of all specs.
#10 From @smartrace 05.10.2016, 20:07 Owner
Well, Android 5.0.1 should work without any issues. That the Carrera app is working for you proves that it is not an hardware issue. Could you please try re-installing SmartRace (in case you did not already)? Thats the last thing that comes to my mind that we could try :-(

If its still not working after re-install, I don't have any more ideas what could go wrong. I currently don't know of any other cases where SmartRace doesn't work with Android 5.0.1, so I am of course willing to refund you the full price of the app. I'm so sorry I can't help.
#11 From @smartrace 17.10.2016, 18:26 Owner
Hi Mike,

Do you have any more feedback for me? Did you manage to get SmartRace working? I now have a second user complaining that SmartRace stopped working for them after they updated their tablet to a more recent security patch level. It would be very helpful to know if you got it working for you and how.


#12 From @mikejoss 18.10.2016, 03:24
Hi Marc,

After I wiped the tablet back to factory, installed SmartRace it connected the first time and did stay connected.
Since then, I get the same problem again. It shows connecting, it then shows that it connects (green bar) then straight away goes back to connecting (blue bar). The LED on the Carrera Bluetooth module stays constantly lit from the moment it says connected, and stays that way after the app shows connecting for the second time.

The app works perfectly on my phone (HTC One M8) and a Samsung tablet (Tab 3 10), just not on the Lenovo.

Let me know if there is anything specific that I can try for you.

On a side note - My tablet has no hardware home button (neither does my phone) - How are you supposed to exit the app?

#13 From @smartrace 18.10.2016, 10:09 Owner
Hi Mike,

Thanks for your feedback. Can you please let me know which exact android versions are running on your three different devices? That could possibily be helpful.

Regarding the exiting of the app: You need to use the swipe menu of android (depends on your device/manufacturer) to exit the app (basically you have to kill it).

#14 From @mikejoss 20.10.2016, 04:56
Ok, thanks. I was worried that force killing was causing the issues.

HTC One (M8) Phone is Android 6.0
Samsung Tablet (Tab 3 - 10 inch) is Android 4.4.2

I dont have another android 5 device to try.
#15 From @smartrace 27.10.2016, 20:54 Owner
Hi Mike,

After another user reported to me an issue with bluetooth on his Lenovo device, I stumble upon this article: https://support.lenovo.com/de/de/documents/ht102593

Does your device also have a 3-way-switch for bluetooth on it? And can you try to find out if changing this switches position does change anything regarding the connectibility of smartrace? Thanks!

#16 From @mikejoss 28.10.2016, 04:23
No, the tablet does not have anything like that.
#17 From @givil27 28.10.2016, 17:48
Hallo ich habe das gleiche problem mit dem lenovo tab2 a10-70f android 5.0.1
die carrera-app funktioniert
#18 From @smartrace 29.10.2016, 09:06 Owner
Hi Patrick,

Könntest Du testweise probieren, die Verbindung zwischen CU und Tablet manuell herzustellen (Pairing)?

#19 From @givil27 31.10.2016, 08:14
Hallo Marc,
habe ich versucht. Das Pairing funktioniert für etwa 5 Sekunden und dann trennt sich immer wieder die Verbindung.
In der App das gleiche. Die Verbindung baut sich auf und bricht sofort wieder ab. Mit Samsung Handy funktiniert alles perfekt.
Auch zwischen Handy und Lenovo funktioniert alles perfekt.
Gruß Patrick
#20 From @smartrace 01.11.2016, 14:24 Owner
Hi Mike & Patrick,

Could you please try the following and let me know if it worked for you:

- Power on the Control Unit
- Start SmartRace
- Open the tablets settings by swiping down from the top of the screen
- Press “search for (other) devices” from the settings
- Get SmartRace back to foreground
- The connection should have been established


- Control Unit einschalten
- SmartRace starten
- Tablet-Einstellungen durch Wischen von oben nach unten öffnen
- „Nach Geräten suchen“ in den Einstellungen drücken
- SmartRace wieder in den Vordergrund holen
- Die Verbindung sollte jetzt hergestellt sein


#21 From @givil27 03.11.2016, 14:39
geht leider auch nicht/ nur ganz kurz. Das Lenovo Tablett scheint nach meiner Recherche mit vielen Bloutoothgeräten Probleme zu machen. Komisch nur das die offizielle App funktioniert. Von MEINEM GEFÜHL her sind die beiden miteinander verbunden ( zumindestens in Richtung der CU, da die BT-LED dauer AN ist ) nur Smartrace weiss nix davon weil es keine Rückantwort der CU bekommt. - So eine Android-Berechtigungssache evl.
Danke für Eure Hilfe !
Gruß Patrick
#22 From @feliafilu 07.11.2016, 20:09
Ich habe auch noch keine Lösung gefunden. Was mich nur verwundert ist, dass die App am Anfang ging und das Problem erst nach einem Update auftauchte.
Unsere nächste Idee wäre das Betriebssystem neu drauf zu machen (evtl. eine andere Version).
#23 From @smartrace 28.11.2016, 10:22 Owner
After researching again and again on this, I don't think there is a solution on software side. I'm afraid I'm thus not able to solve it now. :-(

I also found this thread (https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-Android-based-Tablets-and/LENOVO-TAB-2-A10-70-lollipop-issues-report-everybody/td-p/2134960) which is now about 34 (!) pages long and consists of people complaining about several issues they're having with certain sorts of Lenovo tablets.

I'm of course willing to refund you if you're not able to use SmartRace after buying it and you're using a lenovo tablet. In this case, please send me an email to info@smartrace.de with the date of purchase and your postal code. Thanks a lot and sorry again that I can't give a better answer here :-(

#24 From @mikejoss 28.05.2017, 03:14
Hi Marc,
Just an update on this.
I haven't tried the tablet for this again in some time. There was a system update for the tablet that I got today (have not used the tablet for a few months, so I don't know how recent the update is) and now it is all working 100%!

At the same time, I downloaded the latest SmartRace version, so unfortunate I don't have proof i the new app or the software update has fixed it, but as all of my other devices work flawlessly with SmartRace I suspect that the Lenovo update has fixed it.

Thank you so much for you time in looking into this, and trying to resolve it - much appreciated.

Mike Joss.
#25 From @smartrace 28.05.2017, 17:57 Owner
Hey Mike,

I'm very glad to read thats its working for you! Do you have any more additional information (e.g. of the update version that was released and that you installed) so it could maybe help other users, too? Thanks a lot in advance :-)


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