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From @snicki 24.09.2016, 09:04
Penalty Option
1. Pit Stop drive through or stop for x seconds
2. Less Speed for x laps

Great ins Chris

#1 From @smartrace 03.10.2016, 19:46 Owner
Thanks, nice idea. This was also on my list, but it's good to have it as a ticket here. I think it will not be possible to detect if someone really drives through the pit lane, because you actually need to (nearly) stop on the diode which is built in the fuel unit. But a stop-and-go penalty should be possible. I will think about this.
#2 From @lucky-luke 28.10.2016, 09:58
Yes please! A drive through or stop for x seconds. This Feature has my full support!
#3 From @lucky-luke 23.11.2016, 11:18
Is there a decision about this option? I plan a race cup for January 17. Any chance for this option by this date?
The Penalty and the Championchip mode would round up my expectations on a complete race software!
#4 From @vrrrrrm 30.12.2016, 21:41
what would activate the penalty??
#5 From @smartrace 31.12.2016, 08:46 Owner
The penalty would either be activated manually for a driver (e.g. by some sort of race admin) or automatically by certain events (e.g. causing a race suspension).

@Jörg: Sorry, there is no chance I'll get this done in the next weeks. It will take more time to think everything through :-(
#6 From @drewbert34 24.02.2017, 19:54
How would adding a penalty automatically work? It seems this would need to be done manually.
#7 From @smartrace 28.02.2017, 08:49 Owner
Was re-added in #382 and merged with other ideas. Please follow-up there. Thanks!

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