#12518 Carrera 30371 Check Lane, Digital 124/132

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From @kippintranet 29.09.2016, 13:17
I do not think your app can currently show split (sector) times. I am anticipating adding three of the new Carrera 30371 Check Lanes to my track upon release (3rd Quarter of this year). Thanks in advance and thanks for a great app.
#1 From @smartrace 03.10.2016, 19:42 Owner
SmartRace will support the new check lane, but I first need to get my hands on it to see which kind of data it produces :-)
#2 From @kippintranet 04.10.2016, 10:30
Totally understand. Carrera causes you to wait and wait for new product release. I love your app and appreciate your ongoing support.
#3 From @vrrrrrm 06.01.2017, 18:17
Not sure which data will be/is available but I envision a track/layout where you can require a check lane to be hit twice before counting a lap (maybe even both left and right lane if possible).
#4 From @erik825 11.04.2017, 07:54
Gibt es zur Check-Lane schon etwas Neues? Würde die gerne in meine Bahn einbauen. :)
#5 From @smartrace 11.04.2017, 08:01 Owner

wenn DHL nicht lügt, sollten heute meine beiden bestellten Checklanes endlich ankommen, so dass ich das, was ich Codeseitig schon vorbereitet habe, testen kann. Wenn alles gut läuft, werde ich wohl noch im Laufe dieser Woche ein Update von SmartRace veröffentlichen, das Support für die Checklane mitbringt :-)



english: I will most probably get my hands on two check lanes today and will hopefully be able to release an update of SmartRace with support for the new stuff this week :-)
#6 From @erik825 11.04.2017, 08:21
Ich warte gespannt auf das Update. :) Danke für die super schnelle Antwort.
#7 From @tkem 11.04.2017, 16:15
You *are* crazy, but you already know that, don't you ;-)
#8 From @smartrace 11.04.2017, 18:27 Owner
Yes, I do :-D
#9 From @smartracerughoeft-de 11.04.2017, 18:53
Great News!
Thanks for being as crazy as us :-)
#10 From @smartrace 13.04.2017, 10:38 Owner
Added for 2.8, which was released yesterday (iOS version still to be released by apple).

The new version supports up to two check lanes. Example: If you have 2 check lanes built into your track, SmartRace will diplay 3 sector times:

S1: Start to Checklane 1
S2: Checklane 1 to Checklane 2
S3: Checklane 2 to Finish

The sector times will also be saved in the track records.

Hope you'll like it!


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