#12524 After connecting with CU, the app starts scanning again

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From @zeilerm 11.10.2016, 18:57
Just bought the app, installation no problem (iPad Air 2 with IOS 10.2). Creating settings and connection to CU no problem - then when I want to start the app scans (message: ensure CU is not in Standby...which it is not) and then nothing happens
#1 From @smartrace 11.10.2016, 18:58 Owner
Hi Martin,

Which firmware version do you have running on your CU?

#2 From @zeilerm 11.10.2016, 19:45
Hi Marc
Your app says "n/a". Just tried to update to 336 via carrera race app, but it seems to get stuck at 99% - do you have any advice?
#3 From @smartrace 11.10.2016, 19:46 Owner
Hi Martin,

Well, unfortunately 336 is an requirement to be able to use SmartRace, so you won't get around it :-(

I've heard that people had to try very very often until the update finally worked, but there is no way to avoid it. Sorry!

#4 From @smartrace 24.10.2016, 07:28 Owner
Closing for now - please feel free to re-open once the update succeeded and you're still facing the same issues. Thanks!

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