#12525 Background sound is being interrupted on iOS 10

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From @thhungerland 16.10.2016, 19:22
Sorry, but my English is not so good.

The Sound of the driving Cars stops, when another Sound " Driver xxxx fast Lap" or an other Sound start. The Sound with the Cars isnt start alone. In the left Side on Top, i stop all Sounds. Now i start the Soundbutten an the Sound with the Cars is run. Repeat.............

Can you help me?
#1 From @smartrace 16.10.2016, 19:26 Owner
Hi Thorsten,

Thanks for reporting this. Its actually a known issue on iOS 10 (which I guess you're using?). I don't know the reason for it yet, but I'm working on getting this fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience!


#2 From @smartrace 05.11.2016, 16:31 Owner
It seems to be fixed now. I don't have any clue how I did it, but it's working again for me. Maybe a bug in iOS itself which has been resolved in the meantime.

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