#12531 New race leader anouncemente

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From @antoniogameiro 23.10.2016, 21:37
Would it be possible to have a voice anouncement when the race leader changes? (like "XYZ is the new race leader")

#1 From @smartrace 24.10.2016, 07:29 Owner
Hi Antonio,

I think it should be possible. I will check it, thanks! :-)

#2 From @rex-renolds 21.12.2016, 12:57
I would also like this feature added if possible
#3 From @panzi 15.02.2017, 10:20
Yep - some more "statements" for Drivers would be great to have more "feedback" from the app - my two little girls are always happy when the app says " Beste Runde von Lena " or " Lena hat das Rennen gewonnen" - something like "Neuer führerender Fahrer ist XXXX " wäre sicher cool und würde zu mehr Sprachausgaben führen.
#4 From @smartrace 27.02.2017, 09:03 Owner
Added for next version.

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