#12540 Add additional scales to Car database

Closed Created by @der-die-seiner - 2 comments

From @der-die-seiner 11.11.2016, 15:49
in addition to the scales 1:32 / 1:24 and other(s) I'd like to find the 1:43 scale as a fixed scale in the app
many enthusiasts are using 1:43 and have converted their D143 / GO slot track to digital 1:32 technology...
but they are retaining the smaller track due to various reasons
#1 From @smartrace 11.11.2016, 16:14 Owner
Added for the upcoming 2.3.0, thanks!
#2 From @der-die-seiner 14.11.2016, 15:05
Great, thanks, please add this attribute to the track database as well...

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