#12548 IOS Beta Test Crash at taking a new picture

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From @jaber 22.11.2016, 16:06
if i want to take a new picture with my iPhone, smart race crashes and i get back to IOS homescreen.
Next i have to restart the app.
#1 From @smartrace 24.11.2016, 17:24 Owner
Hi Dennis,

Can you please check if SmartRace is allowed to use the library? This should be asked when starting the app. Did you maybe skip that question? Is the crash reproducable?

#2 From @smartrace 24.11.2016, 17:24 Owner
Well, I wrote library because of the other bug you created. Please check if SmartRace is allowed to use both the camera and the library. :)
#3 From @jaber 25.11.2016, 09:38
Smartrace didnt ask me.
But i checked it and Smartrace is allowed to use the library.

And yes, it is reproducable...
Every time i try it, smartrace crashes.
#4 From @jaber 25.11.2016, 09:43
I checked the other app settings on my iphone....
apps which uses the camera has allways more permissions than only library.
For example the original Carrera app has the permissions for Camera and as scond for foto library.
Smart race asks only for the using the foto library!
I guess thats the problem.
#5 From @smartrace 26.11.2016, 10:10 Owner
Hi Dennis,

I fixed this for Beta 2 of 2.3.0. Thanks!


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