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From @craig25 02.12.2016, 15:26
1. I am always calculating my "average" scale speed. Your app already has my track length (cm), so by using lap time it's easy to calculate speed. You would need to add two settings - one for the scale (1/24, 1/32), and one for units (mph, km/h), then add a column between time and laps to show the average scale lap speed in the selected units.
2. It would be interesting to use the camera on your device (or even better, the camera on another device) as a realtime background. There are applications that can use an old phone as a camera feed to another android device (SuperLivePro for example). Set up the remote to view your track the way you want and see the view as the background to Smart Race - just an idea...

I bought and use your app on a Nexus 10 tablet (don't ask). It works great! I'm integrating the tablet into my track layout as the track "Jumbotron", hence the remote camera idea.

#1 From @smartrace 02.12.2016, 22:02 Owner
Hi Craig,

Thanks a lot for your ideas and welcome to the SmartRace world :-)

Let me try to answer your requests as good as possible:

1. This has been suggested by another user before, but I decided to not integrate something like this for now. I currently don't see the benefit of it, but that may change in the future. So please stay tuned on this.

2. This idea fascinated me a lot, so I gave it a try and know what? Using the camera preview (either front or back) as a moving background will be part of version 2.3 :-D. It would be very difficult to actually use the data from another device, so only the current devices camera is possible.

Hope you'll like it!


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