#12565 Question on Types of Finish and data displayed

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From @racingline 14.12.2016, 22:43
I did not see where the event data is displayed ( with the graphs etc.) after the race according to the screen shots displayed. Can you help with that? Is that added detail only displayed with the fuel strategy implemented?
Also, I was looking for the Slots Finish versus F1 finish setting similar to Carrera App. Is that the same as asking for the car power to quit after the first car crosses the finish line?
#1 From @smartrace 15.12.2016, 08:48 Owner
Hey John,

The event data is only stored on demand. Whenever you finish a race or a qualifying, you have this new button "add to history" on the result screen. Using this button will push the result to the history. Please let me know if that worked for you.

The finish mode you mentioned is not yet implemented, but has already been suggested by another user in #200 and will probably be part of one of the next versions. The "switch track off after event end" setting is just making sure that noone continues to drive after the event has finished (e.g. to avoid collisions).

Hope that helps!

#2 From @racingline 15.12.2016, 17:10
Hi Marc,

The only thing I see is "share or save results" or "discard results and end event". I do not see the added data that shows the line graph etc as per the pictures on the website. I don't see "add to history" unless it is worded as "share or save results".

Not a big deal, I was just curious where that image was coming from that shows that added event data. I have not tried it yet with the fuel turned on as I am waiting to try it on my other track that has a pit lane setup. That was why I was wondering if the added info only comes when you are running the fuel pit lane.

I am not seeing any way to get the event detail screens that you show on the website, I must be missing a step or something.

Thanks for your quick reply. The app looks really great so far.
#3 From @smartrace 15.12.2016, 18:21 Owner
Hey John,

Sorry, I was assuming that you're using Android, but now I guess it's iOS, right? In that case you have to wait just a few more days before the update arrives. Apple is usually a bit more strict when it comes to reviewing an update, so they will need some more days for it.


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