#12596 Speech in Relation to Race Sound too Loud

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From @shogula 28.12.2016, 20:05
Hey Guys,

This App is really Great.

Just one Thing: the spoken words are much too loud. When you turn on a nice Race Sound,
The spoken Words are much too loud.
Can you please update so that the spoken words are in Relation to the Race Sound?
That Would be Great!

Go on like this guys, Great Job!!!!

Greetings from Germany!

Ole Kuhlmey
#1 From @shogula 28.12.2016, 20:23
An Addition: i connected a bose Sound System. By just sing an iPad its ok.
Great would be if the Race Sound and the speech Sound Could be Controlled seperately.
#2 From @smartrace 29.12.2016, 00:36 Owner
Thanks, I'll look into it!
#3 From @smartrace 06.01.2017, 23:03 Owner
Corrected for 2.5.4.
#4 From @shogula 07.01.2017, 17:54

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