#12602 Add USB support

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From @vrrrrrm 30.12.2016, 20:34
be able to connect via usb to android instead of bluetooth
#1 From @smartrace 31.12.2016, 09:48 Owner
Sorry, this is not possible. :-(
#2 From @vrrrrrm 08.01.2017, 08:33
Can you explain that? USB is connected to the same port so probably gets exactly the same info and cables are available and used by other programs as well.
#3 From @smartrace 08.01.2017, 13:05 Owner
Well, it was possibly a bit too abstract to just say "it is not possible" :-D. Basically there are some strong reasons why I will (currently) not consider it:

- The whole app concept is based on the connection being established with bluetooth (which includes the code layout and the user interface).
- The amount of people going to use a cable with SmartRace is probably very low and will not justify the effort needed to implement it.
- My strategy is to have (as much as possible) the same code base and feature set for iOS and Android. Connecting the cable to iOS devices is not possible AFAIK, so it stands against this strategy.

#4 From @vrrrrrm 04.10.2017, 19:28
this accidentally already implemented? (openlap has it and its even opensource so you can check out how they did it)
#5 From @smartrace 04.10.2017, 21:05 Owner
Not yet, no. And just because something is open source does not mean it can be easily applied to my software. Please remember that I'm supporting 2 different platforms with the same code base, while open lap only supports Android :-)

But anyway, I'll keep my eyes open to find an easy solution for usb - I promise!
#6 From @drewbert34 05.10.2017, 14:33
USB support would be great. I find the Bluetooth connection to be buggy lately? I have updated my CU to the most recent firmware.

For serious racers that Android / Apple is our only solution (space constraints for a computer), hardwired to the CU is the only way to fly.
#7 From @vrrrrrm 05.10.2017, 15:00
Thats one more reason to support usb, more stability ;-)
#8 From @smartrace 05.10.2017, 15:09 Owner
Alright, you've convinced me. I'll investigate this now :-)

Can you guys please let me know what kind of cable set up you're using or would use (amazon link or the like)? Thanks!
#9 From @drewbert34 05.10.2017, 15:13
For the USB to the CU I will use Digital Racing Solutions Carrera D124/D132 USB Interface (http://www.digitalracingsolutions.com/cables.html)
#10 From @drewbert34 05.10.2017, 15:14
I really appreciate this Marc. There's nothing worse than having to rely on wireless protocol when something's not quite right.

Also, having the ability to do both would help diagnose possible issues :)
#11 From @iceslot 08.10.2017, 22:44
This would be a really great feature. My group could also take advantage of this!
#12 From @smartracerughoeft-de 24.01.2018, 13:57
Looks fairly „standard“ following the analysis of slotbaer.de
#13 From @smartrace 12.03.2018, 20:13 Owner
Added for upcoming version 3.0! Thanks a lot for your input guys :-)

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